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Maasi: A Reverence to Grace. In the woven narrative of my experiences, I find inspiration in the profound influence of those around me, particularly the women who embody the nurturing spirit of a mother. As I gaze upon these remarkable individuals, who serve as house helpers and lovingly referred to as "Maasi" (maasi; mother like)  in my household, their unwavering grace and innate beauty become a muse for my artistic expression. It is within the walls of our homes that we find an unspoken beauty, one that emanates from the humble and often overlooked figures that maintain the rhythm of our daily lives. "Glimpse of Grace" is a photography project that seeks to capture the essence of this beauty by shedding light on the lives of housemaids and celebrating their resilience, strength, and grace. Through my lens, I have tried to capture the subtle expressions, the creases on weathered hands, and the warmth in their eyes that bear witness to a life lived with resilience and dignity. 

In the realm of a professional studio, where the interplay of lights and lenses weaves a magical dance, I embarked on a profound journey alongside those who had never encountered such grandeur. In that sacred space where art and humanity converged, mutual respect and profound faith intertwined. Their willingness to be seen and heard spoke volumes of their courage and resilience. And in return, I held their stories in the highest regard, cradling their dignity within every frame.  


In a world that often celebrates the extravagant and the extraordinary, "Glimpse of Grace" serves as a poignant reminder that true beauty can be found in the simplest gestures and in the ordinary moments that shape our lives. It celebrates the quiet strength and inherent dignity that resides within us all, waiting to be recognized and embraced. 

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