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"Glimpse of Grace" is a photography project that seeks to capture the essence of this beauty by shedding light on the lives of housemaids and celebrating their resilience, strength, and grace.

Kajal X Gebby-1.jpg

An exploration of the extraordinary spectrum of feelings that define her, inviting viewers to connect with the universality of emotional experiences and the beauty of individuality.

Kajal Nemani, Love arounf the corner-3.jpg

This project that aims to capture the essence of love in everyday life, specifically on the bustling streets, where unexpected moments of affection and connection between people unfold. This project seeks to explore the power of love in fostering human connections and creating moments of joy and warmth amidst the chaos of urban life. It showcases the diverse expressions of love that exist among strangers on the streets.


The first light of the day. This project explores the narrative of the early morning routine, celebrating the warm and beautiful light of early mornings, where vegetable vendors grace the streets, presenting an array of fresh, vibrant produce. With the interplay of light and colour as the day awakens, each image holds a visual journey.

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